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DH Consulting Group Business Financing Programs

Our goal is to help small and mid-sized business owners by providing a simple and convenient alternative to a traditional bank business loan. Our business cash advance and small business loan programs provide real solutions for business owners faced with the reality of disappearing sources of working capital. Traditional sources of capital, such as bank loans, home equity loans, and credit card loans are no longer options for many businesses. Our service provides a flexible, hassle free solution for millions of small business owners that need access to immediate working capital and may not qualify for those traditional business financing sources.

How it works:

We offer several different programs to fit your specific needs:

Business Cash Advance:

Our business cash advance converts your future Visa and MasterCard receivables into immediate cash that you can use for any business purpose. Repayments are based on a small fixed percentage of your future Visa and MasterCard receivables. Payments are automatically applied to your remaining balance until the balance is satisfied. Unlike a business loan, our service is aligned with the success of your business: since repayments are linked to your Visa and MasterCard receivables, we don't get paid until you get paid, thus helping you manage the cash flow of your business, especially during slower months.

Benefits of a Business Cash Advance vs. a Traditional Bank Business Loan

  • No personal guarantees
  • No collateral pledge on your home or business
  • No points
  • No fixed payment schedule
  • No coupons or checks to write
  • No impact on your ability to qualify for other financing
  • No business use restrictions on the funding
  • No hassles - quick application & fast funding
  • Benefits of choosing DH Consulting Group:

    1. Deal Direct - Work directly with the funding source. Cut out the middle man and any extra fees or delays associated with a 3rd party broker.
    2. Experienced - We have a proven track record for providing small businesses with the capital they need to grow and succeed in today's economy.
    3. No Collateral Liens (UCC-1) Filed at Time of Funding - Our Cash Advance program places no restrictions on your ability to access additional financing. Many competitors file a UCC-1 at time of funding.
    4. No Need to Switch Credit Card Processors - We offer multiple funding solutions through partnerships with the industry's best processors and through an alternative payment solution that gives you the flexibility to stay with your current processor.
    5. More Money - We offer 5 different funding programs designed to maximize the amount of capital your business can receive.
    6. Broader Funding Range - Our average business cash advance is $20,000 but we support requests from $3500 - $150,000.
    7. Trusted - Over 85% of qualified merchants renew their advance with RapidAdvance.

    To find out which program is best for you, simply call us at 928-444-4177 and receive your free, no obligation quote. Join thousands of small business owners who obtain immediate access to working capital.